Behind Alfred

Alfred is not old, Alfred is not young, He is without age. 

He has always been here, certainly before the Romans who had seen him pick up grains for soldiers of the legions. He had accompanied Dante in the monasteries along the Apennines to talk with the monks amanuensi, then he knew Raffaello when he brought him the natural colors and some caciotta cheese.

He worked hard in the fields when the Spanish or French armies passed by. Alfredo's wine was already known among the mercenaries inside the military castles of the Popes.

The Borgias, the Renaissance was an era of more refined foods and Alfredo was always at work, in the land, but also on the coast to defend it from the Ottoman corsairs...

Our philosophy

We are here to talk about agriculture and its problems, as for many years.
Usually we talk in the family, among friends.
Today we will talk about it here, together, because this is and will be our strength: aggregation.