Alfred is not old, Alfred is not young, He is without age. 

He has always been here, certainly before the Romans who had seen him pick up grains for soldiers of the legions. He had accompanied Dante in the monasteries along the Apennines to talk with the monks amanuensi, then he knew Raffaello when he brought him the natural colors and some caciotta cheese. He worked hard in the fields when the Spanish or French armies passed by. Alfredo's wine was already known among the mercenaries inside the military castles of the Popes. The Borgias, the Renaissance was an era of more refined foods and Alfredo was always at work, in the land, but also on the coast to defend it from the Ottoman corsairs. 

Where is Alfred? It is always here, where it has always been, but it is not easy to see, it can be in a wood, in the mountain with shepherds, to pick fruit in summer for the jams. He does everything, Alfred. He must feed the chickens and cut the hay. Alfred is in the hill early in the morning, with the sun rising or in the plain collecting the wheat for pasta, until the shadows lengthen.

Alfred is where you can not imagine.  Many have come to look for him but have not found it. He is strong but speaks little and stays away from noises, he loves being alone because he wants to taste the flavors, he collects them, he takes care of them, he knows how to prepare his food. He is there, in his little house with the fireplace lit and lives the intense moments of silence. You will not find  him where you think it's easy to find , he's not in the multi-colored box of the multi-storey multi-shelf: there is not any.  You have to want it, it can take time to learn about its habits, its traditions that it always carries with it. Alfred changes, but does not change too much and changes slowly. It is suspicious, but has always lived in these lands of longevity, one of the longest in the world and behind Alfred there are the reasons for these healthy lives at the turn of the century.

It is strange that among the many bad things of today's diet, there is still Alfred: he does not succumb, he continues as always to create health, where you do not know, there is' Alfred. If you are careful but you can see it, you have to ask around, walk the paths among the medicinal herbs, get your shoes dirty on the ground, then stop by someone in the country who has seen it recently. And you'll ask him if Alfred left something to eat. Yes, he left something to eat and they will make you taste those flavors that you had not yet known. The taste. You are lucky because Alfred produces little, yes, of certain quality, but it is never enough because so many would like to feed themselves like Him.   These days Alfred rarely smiles and is right. His life is difficult to maintain the power of once and few help him. He stays out all day, he works a lot, then the harvest is scarce and the prices are low. Sometimes it feels lonely. He would like someone to talk to, to tell about his day, someone to make him smile.  For him to have many friends is important and we can all be friends with Alfred.  He is a mentor of himself, of the lands where he works and he is happy to guide you through flavors, beauties and history.  We are friends of Alfred and now He is happier because many appreciate his life, they approach him and share his effort to save that nature that feeds us.   Come and make Alfred smile and you will smile when you understand the mission of this vision.