Hard to say exactly, but for sure we are a group of farmers who love the work of the land, out of passion, but also because it is what we have always been doing well. 

Agriculture generates products and changes over time, adapts to the evolution of society, food fads, follows the markets.  We must bear in mind that the crops are long months and the mentality is traditional and conservative. The reaction time is immediate.  Innovations do not come with the same speed that the media have accustomed us to seeing in other sectors: the unforeseen revolutions of industrial and non-industrial processes. 

Individualism is part of being a farmer in the field, but it is realizing that the challenges that the markets offer by moving in transnational areas can not be sustained by themselves.  Aggregation between farms is the answer to increase the competitiveness of the individual in the group of many.  It is a change of mentality: we work together, we team up and the union is strength both for production and for sales, also through 'internationalization that is unthinkable individually. 

We are holders of many excellences all very healthy, we characterize our union with the symbol of quality always. He is Alfred  We are Farm and Co. the network, that is the big farm that together with Alfred produces the health of the times with the pleasure of taste in the respect of the environment and of the man who lives it.

The nutritional values ​​are controlled by our Universities according to the most advanced worldwide scientific research.  Wine, oil, cheese, cured meats, and all the bontos of agri-food are selected and understood with the producer who has his philosophy in his recipes.  This is a moment that already exists, but it does not exist as a whole because it is constantly evolving. Every day new products will be introduced in the basket of Farm and Co. after a careful evaluation with your participation. 

We would bring these flavors to your home but the taste is more true where it is produced. You can ask Alfredo, he knows, and he will take you there where Farm and Co. is at work.