The network is an agreement based on flexibility for which companies can participate in the network program with one or more activities, or not participate if they do not find elements of convenience in that particular activity. 

Farm and Co. is a mixed network, that is to say, mainly agricultural enterprises of any cultivation address, but also companies that can help to achieve the program objectives, ie those companies that are subsidiary or ancillary to agriculture. 

The agri-food companies play a decisive role alongside the Agricultural Company, interpreting with the quality of their production the spirit of Alfredo. There is therefore a relationship of continuity destined to enhance the excellence that will have to reach all potential markets.  Finally, therefore, even marketing companies can participate in the network as a moment of knowledge of the entire production process also as a guarantee for their own consumers.  It is important that the transnational consumer can express his tastes, or even his opinions, on food choices, indicate his preferences. This involvement will make you feel all the result of your work: the choice starts from before The sowing is always under the watchful eye of Alfredo. 

The selection of companies:  

1) The company shows interest in being part of the Farm and Co. Network

2) At that point we must explain to the Company, or to a group of companies, what the network contract means from a legal and operational point of view to clarify well the common objectives and how they can be reached together. It is essential that every entrepreneur gains awareness of the network as a whole and as a single participant as a whole. The network contract must be explained in all its points.

3) in the case of interest, fill out the registration form providing company details and information on company production

4) Once your request is accepted by the Management Committee of Farm and Co. the company will be registered with the Chamber of Commerce of the province of residence using the smart card of the company itself.

Since the network is a project in continuous growth, new companies will always enter for which this is the only applicable mechanism.  Territoriality The law does not provide for territorial limits for companies belonging to the Network, so the participating companies can have residency throughout the Italian territory. It is clear that the place of birth of Farm and Co. is that of the Marche to which the privilege of origin will remain.